Village of Elsah Museum 2022 Photography Exhibit

An Invitation to Participate in the Village of Elsah Museum 2022 Photography Exhibit

Photographers, amateur and professional, are invited to make submissions to the exhibit and participate in the purchase prize portion of the exhibit. As in previous years, the photographs will be for sale and the photographers will retain all proceeds.  The first place purchase prize, the youth section award and recognitions will be judged by a professional artist, who will be announced later.

Purpose, Rules and Photographer Recognition

The Village of Elsah Museum announces the 2022 Annual Photography Exhibit will be held on Saturday, April 2 to Sunday August 6, 2022.  The theme for this exhibit is “Elsah Postcard.”  The purpose of the exhibit is to celebrate and foster an appreciation of the beauty and unique qualities of Elsah and the immediate area in every season.   A first-place purchase prize will be offered.  In 2019, a youth section was added to encourage and recognize photographers who are between 12 and 18 years of age.  As in previous years, there will be a separate prize for the winner of the youth section.  Youth Section participants will be judged with their peers.

The Prizes include:

  • the Village of Elsah first place prize is for the photograph taken at a location in the Elsah corporate limits and the surrounding area;
  • the Green Tree Inn will donate a one-night stay for two to the winner of the Village of Elsah purchase prize winner; and
  • the Youth Section Prize is for photographers who are between 10 to 18; and, the photograph may be taken either in the Elsah corporate limits or the surrounding area.

The first place prize includes a purchase of the matted print for $200 and the winner will provide permission to use the photograph in publicity for the 2022 and 2023 exhibits as well as printed material generated as a result of the current or next year’s exhibit.  The Youth Section Prize is $100 for the exhibit of a matted print and its use in publicity.   Since the theme is “Elsah Postcard,” we intend to request permission from the winners to use their image on a postcard that will be sold in the Museum.  The winner who allows their image to be used, shall receive 24 postcards with their submitted and winning image.

All submitted photographs must be taken in the Elsah area.  They do not have to be taken within the current year.   The geographic area includes the following locations: the Elsah valley, on the bluffs on either side of Elsah, in Chautauqua, on the Principia College campus including the Eliestoun estate property, or other familiar locations such as the River Road that are close to these geographic areas. 

  • The Principia College property is private property.  Permission from The Principia is required to take photographs on the campus. Those not already permitted to photograph on the campus such as students, faculty, staff and Blue and Gold members must request and receive permission either with an email or written permission from the office of the President. 
  • Principia requests should be made to this email: [email protected]. Permission is not granted at the Gate House or in person.  Photographers who receive such permission are requested to show professional courtesy in following the rules provided to them by The Principia.  Unlimited, extended and unsupervised access is not generally provided. 
  • Chautauqua is also private property and permission is required to enter the property.
  • Elsah buildings can be photographed from the street or other public spaces.  However, entry onto the property requires consent of the owners or renters.  Staging (such as placing plants or opening a screen door) also requires permission from the owner or renter.

Works submitted for the prizes will be judged on the following criteria:

  • expression of the purpose of the exhibit to foster an appreciation of Elsah,
  • expression of the theme, in a broad interpretation, “Elsah Postcard,”
  • quality of the photographic composition, and
  • quality of the reproduction including any use of photographic tools.

All photographs submitted (silver gelatin, color, digitally or photographically produced) shall meet the following standards:

  • image may not exceed 5 X 7 and the total exterior of the frame or the matted only print shall be at or less than 8 X 10;
  • if the print is matted, the mat shall be a white; and
  • the image shall be protected with frame and glazing or clear covering of mat and print

Each photographer may submit up to two matted or framed and matted or just framed prints for the Exhibit.  Photographs may also be submitted for the exhibition only, not participating in the purchase prize activity.  Please include the words, “Exhibition only” with the photograph label.  Exhibition only photographs must still meet the criteria for being judged to be included in the exhibit and are included in the count of the number of submissions.

All photographs should include a removable, temporary label on the front giving the title of the work.  The back label must include the name, address, phone and email (if available) of the photographer as well as the price of the photograph.  Selling the photograph is much easier if additional information on the photograph is provided, such as

  1. dimensions of the print and the print framed,  
  2. how the image was produced, 
  3. special features about the quality of the reproduction or framing, and
  4. frame and mat description. 

As stated earlier, email contact information is requested and is very helpful to sell a photograph.

Only a small size (5 X 7 or less) printed image will be accepted this year. In addition, to being integral to the theme, smaller images are more likely to be purchased.

It is highly recommended, but not required, that the matted print be framed.  The Museum will not be responsible for damage to photographs without a frame and plexi glazing.   All framed photographs must have a wire firmly attached across the back of the frame for hanging.  Matted prints often are attached with a double- sided tape to the exhibit wall or tacked at the corners of the mat or into the covering over the mat.

Financial Sponsors of this Exhibit

Village of Elsah

Green Tree Inn

Donors to the previous Museum Book and Bake Sales

Submissions must be received in person or by mail or other delivery to Elsah by Monday, March 7, 2022.

Opening Reception
Saturday, April 2, 2022
From 1 to 4 pm
26 LaSalle
Elsah, Illinois

Pick Up After the Exhibit

Photographs must be picked up by September 26, 2022, or they will become property of the Village of Elsah.

Contacts for further information


Photography Exhibit
c/o Historic Elsah Foundation
PO Box 117
Elsah, IL 62028

618/ 374 1565

[email protected]
Re: 2022 Exhibit

Personal Delivery of Photographs:
Museum pre-season open hours for delivery are Saturday and Sunday March 5 and March 6, 2022, 1 to 4 pm or by appointment, made by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 618 374 1565