Rental Information

Rental Contract [pdf]

Farley Music Hall Equipment and Furnishing List

Farley Music Hall is located at 37 Mill Street in Elsah. The main room on the first floor is the Hosmer Williams Hall.  It was named in honor of Historic Elsah Foundation’s first president, Charles B. Hosmer, Jr. and our first newsletter editor, Paul O. Williams. The Hall is 42 feet by 26 feet.  It is handicapped accessible through the front door. The bathroom is also accessible.

The Hall has a capacity of 100 people if guests are only standing and no tables are used. The capacity is reduced to 62 people when tables are used. Following the Illinois safety guidelines, capacity is reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The second floor is not available to rent.


Tables are suitable for eating and medium weight serving; the plastic top tables are not suitable for hot serving dishes without thick insulation protection

  • Tables (32” X 65”), lightweight with plastic top – eleven (11)
  • Two smaller tables (30” X 48”), lightweight with plastic top – (2)
  • Table, round wood with metal legs, 36” diameter – one (1)
  • Table, square wood table with wood legs, 36” square – one (1)

Seating – wood painted

  • Wood chairs some with cushions – forty-two (42)
  • Benches, rustic, seven foot long – six (6)

Kitchen equipment in catering kitchen, not for food preparation

  • One bowl stainless, kitchen sink with counter
  • Small residential refrigerator
  • Small residential stove
  • Domestic style microwave
  • Domestic style coffee maker – two (2)
  • Insulated ice cooler on wheels with drain
  • Stainless top, 36” high, rectangular table

Use of the outdoor lawn area requires permission of the adjoining landowner.  Additional information can be obtained upon request.

Daily Rental Fee

IF an HEF member at the $50 level, then $50 per day plus $30 cleaning fee.

IF not an HEF member, then $100 per day plus $30 cleaning fee and $50 damage deposit to be refunded if the hall is left in good condition.

$25 per day, if previous and/or following day is needed for decorating or cleaning up.

Catering Fee

If a catering firm is providing service, there is a 10% fee on the bill.

Caterer must provide proof of insurance prior to the event.


Connie Davis for Historic Elsah Foundation at 618.374.2821 or


Jane Pfeifer, Vice President of Historic Elsah Foundation, at 618.374.1565 or

Call for an appointment to view the building.

The key will be provided the day of rental. The reservation is made on payment of the rental fee.

Photos of Farley Music Hall

PS0265 by David Kreutz
Front Entrance (photo: David Kreutz)

Decorative Sign

HEF 2011 Farley interior view of entrance
Interior Entrance

HEF2011 Farleys catering kitchen

Hosmer-Williams Hall

North View